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New location!

I've moved workshop! After three glorious years at The Pound arts centre as Artist-In-Residence, I decided it was time to move on, and I have relocated my workshop to Easton, in Bristol. The main reason was to be near my family, since I live just down the road from here...! I also have a bit more space, which is an added bonus. That said, the Pound made me feel so at home there and I will miss everyone dearly.

A few changes are happening that I will be shouting about in the coming weeks. Firstly, I'm fully re-opening the repairs side of my business. Last year I became quite busy with commissions and as a result I had to halt any new repair work. However with the new space I'll be able to take on new repairs, so do get in touch if you are looking for anything between a minor set up and a complete overhaul of your stringed instrument.

Secondly, I am now giving one-to-one gypsy jazz guitar lessons back at The Pound in Corsham, once per month. If you are interested the dates are:

7 Feb 2019

7 Mar 2019

4 Apr 2019

2 May 2019

6 Jun 2019

4 Jul 2019

Unfortunately there are no plans to give lessons in Bristol at present.

Other than that, in the meantime, I have lots of exciting projects coming up, and photos of new work soon to appear. Here's a little sneak preview...

See you soon! Time to trudge off through the snow...


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