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Hybrid jazz guitar

Lots of news... where do I begin??

It's been a tremendously busy year - I have promised myself from this point onwards to add to the blog more frequently.

My first excuse is that I'm thrilled to have a new baby boy in the Bishop household. Everyone is doing well, and despite the fog of sleeplessness new work has been emerging ...

For now I just have time to post images of Lewis Dickenson's new nylon strung hybrid guitar, 'Chevronimo!'. As well as being a young upcoming player, he is remarkably talented so it is a real privilege to build this unique instrument for him. Check out his music here:

It's safe to say that this guitar was more of a technical challenge than any other instrument I have built so far, and I'm really pleased with the result. It may be arresting on the eyes for some(!), but I do like to push the aesthetics of my work to new places.

I hope to have some studio photos taken soon, as well as some video clips. Watch this space.

Some of you may have followed the posts below on my experiments with using autoCAD to help aid the design process. I can't wait to show off the finished result! Lots more to follow...

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