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'Vette' is a Soprano guitar size based on my tenor ukulele mould. I built this instrument during the COVID lockdowns in 2020, with the goal of creating an instrument with a mandolin-like register that guitarists could easily play. It opens up a whole new range of sounds, and is easy to adapt to for playing in jams.


This instrument is essentially tuned a fifth higher than standard guitar tuning (BEADF#B), so if you are playing along in a jam to a tune in D major, you just think of it as G major. Not only does it open a whole new array of sounds, but it helps train the player to transpose their favourite licks and heads.


The back and sides of this instrument are made from straight-grained Indian Rosewood, with a European Spruce top, just like many of the original Selmer guitars. The neck is made from stunning figured English walnut.


£2,200.00 Regular Price
£1,980.00Sale Price
  • 548mm

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