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Made from 100% reclaimed wood, 'Swinging' was built exclusively to be exhibited at the 'Holy Grail Guitar Show' in Berlin for 2020. 


This guitar is packed with unique features and is truly a one-of-a-kind instrument. The Kandinsky-inspired fretboard inlays offer a tip of the hat towards the golden age of swing music, appropriate for a jazz guitar that takes draws its inspiration from the music of 30's icon Django Reinhardt. 


A lattice & ladder braced top made from reclaimed cedar floorboards coupled with a mahogany top give this guitar a fundamentally dark tone that retains a crispness in the higher register. It's a perfect rhythm instrument, but its tight sound cuts through the mix on solos.

Even the mother-of-pearl inlays are repurposed from jewellery, an old oak beam from a house was used for the fingerboard and bindings, and brand new Schaller Grand Tune hardware for the machine heads. The tailpiece is handmade with an oak fillet with corian inlays.


£5,500.00 Regular Price
£4,400.00Sale Price
  • 670mm

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