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Ukulele making course

In conjunction with Pound Arts and InSession, I will be running a Saturday morning beginners ukulele making course at my workshop in Wiltshire starting in September 2017.  Students will build a ukulele completely from scratch and learn how to thickness the front and back, bend the sides and construct the neck.


Forming the first of two courses, it will run for 10 weeks. A second 10 week course will run later in the year and cover final assembly, fretting, finishing and setting up.

No woodworking experience or knowledge of playing the ukulele is necessary. £300 per course inclusive of materials. Tools provided. To book, or for more information call The Pound on 01249 701628.

I have been teaching guitar making ("lutherie") since I began teaching on the guitar making class at London Metropolitan University in early 2015. Now I also teach privately from my workshop in Corsham. I enjoy guiding students through the process of making an instrument from scratch right up until the finished instrument. I believe this is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have. To see several pieces of roughly hewn wood slowly take shape into a beautiful instrument is almost magical!

I also teach one-to-one guitar making classes on Thursdays from 2:30pm until 9:30pm. If you would like to book a lesson please enquire via email or telephone.

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