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I operate a full repair service that covers set ups, truss rod adjustment, fret levelling, rewiring electrics, pickup installation and much more. Repairs for other kinds of instruments beyond guitars are also possible. Please contact for more information or to make an appointment. You can also view my latest repairs pricing list below as a guide to the cost of a specific repair:

'Bronze' set-up - £110


Includes truss rod adjustment, action set, fingerboard cleaned and oiled. For Floyd Rose-equipped guitars add £25. Installation of D'Addario 80/20 strings available at £10 for folk guitars, D'Addario gypsy jazz strings at £16 for Selmer-Maccaferri style instruments, or D'Addario Nickel Wounds at £10 for electric guitars. 

'Silver' set-up - £195


For greatly improved playability. As above, plus frets levelled, recrowned, and mirror polished. Fret ends smoothed and

polished for extra comfort. 

'Gold' set-up - £295


For a complete refresh of your fingerboard. Worn or uneven frets removed and new frets installed, levelled, crowned and mirror polished as above. Option of changing to a different gauge of fret wire. +£40 extra for bound fingerboards. 

'Platinum' set-up - £385


For ultimate playability, choose this option if you are looking for the highest level of comfort. New frets installed to match your preferences, complete with hemispherical fret ends, the smoothest against your hands when moving up and down the neck. Also eliminates the discomfort caused by fingerboard shrinkage as a result of humidity changes. Note: this service available for bound fretboards only.


New bone nut - £55
Replace low quality plastic nuts with a new bone one instead. Shaped to fit the instrument perfectly. Improves playability and tone.

New bone saddle - £55

Replace low quality plastic saddles with a new bone one instead. Shaped to fit the instrument perfectly. Improves playability and tone.


New nut and saddle complete with 'bronze' set up - £195
Replace both nut and saddle with bone. A great way to easily improve the sound of a factory-built instrument. Complete witha bronze-standard set-up to improve playability of the instrument.


Gypsy Jazz guitar bridge with 'bronze' set up - £205
Replacement custom-made Gypsy Jazz bridges in ebony or rosewood fitted to your guitar, plus a a 'bronze' set up.

Individual fret replacement - £35 for one, £20 per fret thereafter
Buzzing problems in isolated areas of the neck? Replace individual frets that are causing notes to fret out.

Electric guitar rewiring - from £45
Full rewiring service available including repairing grounding issues, pick-up replacement and wiring mods (coil tapping, etc). Some minor electrical issues can be fixed as part of a 'bronze' set up.



A full range of repairs are available for all types of stringed instrument. For more information please contact

Thank you! 

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