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Music Projects


As well as being a guitar maker, Alex is an active musician. Over the years, he has performed all over the world with various groups and projects. Some information about them can be found below.

Best described as a 'Contemporary Folk' trio, though their music is also based on their collective experiences in jazz, rock and classical music. Effra were formed in 2011, won Bath 'New Shoots' competition in 2012. The debut album, 'Lose An Hour' was released in 2014, and their most recent album 'Below Ground' was released in 2018.

Sheelanagig have become something of a West Country institution for the past decade. A quintet with a well-stocked armoury of stringed instruments – guitar, fiddle, double bass – and a bagful of joint-jumping tunes, these boys sure know how to get a party started.

Internationally acclaimed indie-rock band The Bishops consist of Alex's older twin brothers Michael Bishop and Peter Bishop, and drummer Chris McConville. Alex joined the band in 2009 and wrote and performed tracks with the band for the 2010 EP 'Sojourn' and full length album 'All Lost Time' in 2012.

Evoking the sound of 1930s Paris, The Hot Club of Wiltshire brings you sizzling gypsy jazz tunes from the golden swing era. 


Rooted in the style of Django Reinhardt, this band of musicians will get your feet tapping! Since becoming artist-in-residence at The Pound in January 2016, Alex has been running monthly gypsy jazz jam sessions, from which the group has formed.

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