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Gypsy Jazz Fanned Fret


My fanned fret guitar began as an experiment to try and work out whether a fanned fret gypsy jazz guitar would have advantages over one with ordinary frets. The reasoning behind the design is explained in one of my blog posts. It has a pleasant sweet tone higher up the neck, mainly as a result (I believe) from the change in bracing pattern that is required to accomodate the different scale lengths.

This guitar was the subject of the short film 'Craft Of Sound'. 

The process of building this guitar has been an inspiration and allowed me to realise that there can be many ways in which one can reapproach guitar design.

- Back and sides: Solid Californian Claro walnut

- Soundboard: European spruce

- Scale length: 680-620mm

- Finish: French polished

- Special features: Fanned frets, custom ebony 'rotator' tailpiece, side soundport, birdseye maple chamfered armrest, art deco rosette

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