Remi Harris Guitar Workshop

I'm excited to announce that jazz guitarist extraordinaire Remi Harris will be hosting a guitar workshop followed by an intimate concert at my workshop on Sunday February 15th 2015. For those unfamiliar with his music, Remi has been astonishing Django fans with his incendiary playing and endlessly creative improvisational skills. Rooted in gypsy jazz but also inspired by players outside the genre, he will be sharing his approach to playing gypsy jazz. This is a truly unique opportunity to learn from one of the greatest guitar players in UK at the moment - not to be missed! Check out his fantastic performance of "Daphne" at IGGF for a taster. The workshop starts at 3:30pm-6:00pm (with tea and

Levelling and shaping frets

I've decided to do a post on my fret levelling process. I recently had a guitar in for a 'silver set up' and thought I'd document the process so you can see what goes into it. Here's the candidate: It's a Fender Stratocaster, and it's about 6 years old. See those innocuous little divots in the frets? They might not look like much but there are the cause of a loss of tone, clarity and occasional buzzing on this guitar. Frets are supposed to dome shaped so the string touches only the peak of the top of the curve. Wear caused by strings hitting the frets during play flattens out the fret more and more over time causing unpleasant buzzes and occasionally sitar-like tones. Something needs to be d

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