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Gypsy Jazz Armadillo


The 'Armadillo' was built on commission and became an exciting experiment in use of unusual tonewoods. With a body based on the Di Mauro Special Chorus and consisting of alternating strips of ebony and mahogany (inspired by Baroque-era guitars), the tone is loud with a crystal-like clarity. Coupled with the side soundport it is a great experience to play! Loosely I have based the bracing on a Special Chorus, with some small adjustments to prevent top failure over time.

The armadillo inlay on the tailpiece links to the striped appearance of the back and sides.

- 14 fret with f-holes

- Back and sides: Ebony, mahogany, maple

- Soundboard: European spruce

- Scale length: 670mm

- Finish: French polished (shellac)

- Special features: Multi-piece back and sides, custom inlays, side soundport, multi-piece maple neck, striped heelcap.

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