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Folk Pinstripe 000


Every now and again I build a guitar with a tone that completely surprises me and excites me in a way that I felt when I finished my first guitar - the Pinstripe is no exception!

This guitar was built in parallel with my Effra guitar and designed to be the opposite, tonally at least. It has 12 frets, lighter bracing, side soundport and a thinner tapered body. Sonically it has a 'hot' biting tone with lots of definition across the whole harmonic spectrum. A perfect fingerstyle guitar.

- 12 fret 000 guitar

- Back and sides: English walnut

- Soundboard: Sitka spruce

- Scale length: 645mm

- Finish: French polished (shellac)

- Special features: Custom inlaid artwork, side soundport, ebony and maple striped fingerboard

This guitar is currently for sale.

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